How can cohesiveness and diversity support group effectiveness?

by Pooja Jha

A group's performance is influenced by its status. Managers are regarded as having a high social rank. They are feared by the rest of the team. Because they are afraid to express themselves in front of the employer, the right decision may be jeopardised. People of similar socioeconomic standing are free to communicate ideas and make suitable decisions. Such a group thrives. When there are a lot of people in a group, it's easy to forget about some of the negative aspects. Individuality is being eroded. Some issues go unaccountable because people fail to hold themselves accountable. Social loafing is evident, resulting in no participation from the rest of the group. A smaller group size ensures faster decision making, whereas a larger group delays a group's decision because everyone must agree, thereby drawing back its performance.

The ability of a group to work together is aided by its cohesiveness. When people work together, they form a deep bond. The attraction and engagement between people has improved. As a result of the sharing of ideas, achievement is achieved. Commitment to their objectives is also evident. The development of trust ensures the effectiveness of a group's success. In order for a team to function effectively, diversity is also important. Other people's ideas are accepted by members. Because people learn how to handle situations from others, the monotony of doing things the same way is also pegged down. As a result, a group's efficacy is aided by its cohesiveness and diversity.

It is undeniable that group size and status have an impact on group performance. Cohesion and variety are also beneficial to group effectiveness. All of these aspects have been discussed in detail. As a result, concerned parties must take them into account.

The productivity of a group is influenced by its cohesiveness. High productivity = high performance/high cohesion; low productivity = low performance/low cohesiveness. It enables them to be more open-minded, innovative, problem-solve in novel ways, exchange more information, and make fewer mistakes.

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