How can I improve my grades in school?

by violarose
Learning environment to increase motivation

In this article, we'll take a look at 5 proven ways to improve your grades in school. Indeed, while studying at school, one of the most important criteria for "success" is grades. Moreover, the ratings are necessarily positive; the higher, the better. Both teachers and parents scold for poor grades and usually do nothing for good grades, take them for granted. But the best thing is to thank the parents for encouraging them to study. Here you can use write my essay for me to enhance your studies. And the attitude of the rest towards you will grow.

Because of this, students, adolescents very often have problems with self-esteem, not to mention the motivation to study. Self-esteem suffers not because the student does not learn, but because of overload, he does not want. With the help of an essay outline, he will handle any writing task with ease. A good resource to study. But that is not all. Closer to high school, more complex sections of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and other subjects appear compulsory for passing during school time. At the same time, it is necessary to have time to study all subjects, absorb knowledge, gain skills, prepare for exams, and each teacher constantly tries to carry out work with mandatory grades that affect the final grade in the trimester (quarter) in the year.

Therefore, it is obvious that every student wants to please himself and his family with excellent grades, because this gives real confirmation that he copes with difficulties in his studies, successfully passes the curriculum, and gains knowledge in subjects.

5 helpful tips to improve your grades in school

First, the issue of motivation is worth mentioning.
Let's start by defining motivation. Motivation is a persistent psychophysical urge to take a certain action.
To create a strong motivation for action, it is necessary to determine a clear result that we want to achieve, set an obvious real goal, for example, a red diploma = all excellent grades in a school certificate (or a few fours, the other fives). The goal doesn't have to be that hard, especially when it comes to grades in school. It is straightforward to break your psyche by defining a result that is too high for yourself. For example, to finish school or a year without grades is a genuine, doable, not very laborious goal.
Then it would help if you determined tangible rewards for yourself for excellent studies and graduation. Let it be a trip, an expensive purchase, or something else - everything that makes you feel emotional and work spirit, the desire to learn and plow for your goal.

Second, you need to provide yourself with negative reinforcement.
What if we miss the goal? What if our grades cannot be improved? You need to set yourself a punishment that you want to avoid, such as buying an expensive gift and giving it to your enemy, when you could give it to your beloved friends or a loved one. The main thing is that this action evokes the most negative emotions in your head so that you do not even have the thought of postponing school or hampering.

Third, it's time to move on to the "instrumental" part of improving grades in school.

  1. Keep a diary / daily planner/ to-do app. I recommend a diary because you can immediately write down your homework + notes to it on the desired date. If the task is not completed, you will need to take a pen and rewrite it manually for another date.

  2. Try to complete relatively short tasks at once. If the task takes 5-10 minutes, do not postpone it at home. Do it right away at school and repeat it at home. It will be more efficient.

  3. Explore the base for items. For example, having mastered mathematics will be much easier for you in physics and computer science because they use the mathematical apparatus.

  4. Determine which subject is the most lagging behind you. If your goal is to finish a year or school without Cs, but only with good grades, pull up those items that "fall".

  5. First of all, important items that require more effort from you than those that require less.

  6. In all subjects, knowledge, and grades can be improved with more practice. Use math in life; count in your head. Use your knowledge of Russian, write competently right away, check what you have written. Use English, watch TV shows, and read literature. Etc.

  7. If the task or topic does not work, ask for help. Learn to do it right once, then practice the same solution for several days.

Fourth, develop and maintain your brain's cognitive abilities at a high level. Speed up and improve the efficiency of your brain; it will definitely improve your performance and grades in school. 

Fifthly, in the process of studying at school, there will always be subjects and tasks that you fail in, or you adequately understand that you do not need them. You'd rather spend your time and energy on items that are important to your long-term goals. 

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