In your view, is the extent of social inequality in the United States helpful or harmful to society as a whole? Explain.

Contrast social mobility in developing and industrialized nations. Do you think the differences will eventually disappear? Why or why not?

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Social inequality related to racial, gender and wealth inequality. Social inequality limit or harm the social status. Social inequality makes discriminatory legislation. social inequality makes every access possible, it exist between ethnic or religious groups. social inequality harm people in many ways like economic inequality in distribution, it causes unequal accumulation of wealth, barrier in health care, housing, and property. If they are wealthy they can afford social goods and services.
Social mobility refers to an individual or group of people up or down from one socio-economic level to another by providing job, service, goods, etc. It changes the wealth and social status of the individual. It provides changes in lifestyle, health status, education and makes equality in classes, ethnic groups. Industrialized country or nations is a developed country they developed in the economy, technical infrastructure, etc. This social mobility can breakdown the social classes and culture and it strengthens the class system. It makes social and economic equality for all. It has positive consequences of mobility for individual concern. It provides more opportunities in modern industrial nations. This social inequality and the different class system slowly disappear. industrialized nations help less-developed nations to raise the economic and standard of living.

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In your view, is the extent of social inequality in the United States helpful or harmful...
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