1. Example one company that using ERP? 2. Explain what implementation strategy,results ,recommendations and conclusion those...

1. Example one company that using ERP?
2. Explain what implementation strategy,results ,recommendations and conclusion those company using ERP?
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Answer #1

1. Renault Sport- It uses data to make rapid changes for an even faster race car.

ERP has become a standard foundation of business application in most companies. It is impossible to think of any large company that doesn't have an ERP software.

2. ERP implementation strategies

1) Clearly define requirements before taking action- Businesses that fail to keep tight focus on specific processes and system requirements will find that ERP implementation may require additional time and cost. A well defined scope will ensure your projects does not grow out of hand

2) Evaluate your options- Poorly managed and mismanaged evaluation efforts create serious issues during every step of the implementation process. Prepare yourself properly, obtain inputs from users and team leads and carefully evaluate both your legacy systems and planned ERP implementation before making any decision.

3) Document user procedures- Create and maintain documents detailing key user procedures and routines, both before and during ERP implementation.

4) Single step implementation- Single step implementation offers a simple and straight forward way to handle the process so you can more easily focus on your project scope and implementation parameters.

5) Parallel adoption- It involves both new ERP and legacy systems operating simultaneously. It allows users to learn how to navigate system while retaining access to ongoing work environment.

6) Choose the right project leader- An internal project lead is an invaluable resource for handling many aspects of data migration and staff training. Select a team a lead with experience managing software systems and task him or her with assessing all end-user requirements as well as fully learning the system.

7) Don't forget mobile users- It is important to roll out a mobile ERP strategy that allows users to stay productive when using smartphones and tablets, and will not create additional security issue. The going popularity of mobile devices has now surpassed desktop usage of the internet.

8) Allocate sufficient time and resource for training- Learning and mastering a new way of operating can often require a considerable investment of time and effort.

9) Consider customization option carefully- Systems that have been heavily customized often lead to higher deployment and operational costs. So one should always evaluate the need for customization carefully, making sure to weigh it against potential costs.

ERP system results in improved business effectiveness and efficiency by keeping an organization's internal business process running smoothly. It supports upper level management providing critical real time decision making information, with improved data integrity and security. It also ensures that the company data is not compromised at any level.

On the other hand, it has bee found in many companies that ERP system sometimes require extensive training and often facing problems with customization. A high amount of effort to fit with ERP system may divert the focus of the organization on critical business activities.

Overall it can be concluded that implementing an ERP system in organizations are improving standard levels and the quality or reports, creating more organizational integration and empowering personnel. ERP system set forth improved service time in accounting tasks and faster response to business change as customer benefits and other financial benefits in terms of improved internal efficiencies.

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1. Example one company that using ERP? 2. Explain what implementation strategy,results ,recommendations and conclusion those...
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