Discuss the factors or considerations for choosing a Cloud Service Model?

Discuss the factors or considerations for choosing a Cloud Service Model?

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The following are the services that organizations adopt in order to get advantage of cloud models.

1. Security : It is the primary concern of the all cloud services is to provide security. Irrespective of which cloud model or service you choose , the security is the primary goal.That is the cloud service providers will make sure of your application data . Irrespective of which service , the cloud platforms like AWS always provides security to all it's services irrespective of which service you take.

2.Backup and Recovery : The Cloud services provides the Backup and Recovery for it's data storage. It can be any file .The Typical AWS storage is unlimited and the file size can be ranged to 0 to 5TB (Tera Bytes) . So it will reduce many physical  storage work.

3. Scalability : The cloud services won't take charges for the services that you are not using. It is like PAY AS YOU GO. That means you will pay only for the services that you have consumed, It is very flexible in terms of this.

4. Integration with applications : We can also do integration with cloud. That whenever we provide service through an application , if we want to store the data and display it some fashion so that end-user get the information . It also have some applications that are in-built .

Apart from above services , the cloud -model is very useful for an organizations.Nowadays all companies are adopting the cloud-services by getting the services for their requirements.

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Discuss the factors or considerations for choosing a Cloud Service Model?
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