1CCA Safety & Privacy on the Web? 2-3 paragraphs in length

1CCA Safety & Privacy on the Web? 2-3 paragraphs in length

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As an industry association, we proudly advocate for carriers and other stakeholder organizations. As we engage in this advocacy, we need to gather information about the individuals who participate in CCA activities on behalf of our member organizations, as well as information about other individuals who use CCA resources and services. Here, we explain how we treat information we gather from such individuals.

What information does CCA collect through its online services?

We gather several types of information from individuals who use our websites, mobile apps, and other online services (“visitors”). We gather “personal data,” which is information that identifies visitors or can reasonably be linked to a particular person, as well as “non-personal data,” which cannot reasonably be linked to a particular person.

We gather some information that directly identifies visitors automatically when a visitor comes our way, such as visitor’s IP address or a unique device identifier. We get other personal data – like name, business address, and business email address – when visitors or representatives of member organizations give it to us through our online services, over the phone, in person, or when registering for CCA events and services.

We may associate additional information with individual visitors or member organization representatives, such as information about an individual’s attendance at CCA events, use of CCA resources and correspondence, employment information, and communications preferences.

Can other companies collect information from visitors?

In many cases, yes. We work with partner companies to assist in running certain aspects of our online services. For example, we work with other companies to process credit card transactions and for assistance with event sign-up. These partners may collect personal data directly from visitors, after agreeing to meet data protection standards that meet or exceed this policy.

Additionally, third-party companies that offer website analytics and application monitoring tools to us may gather personal and non-personal data from visitors to CCA’s websites and online services, including by using cookies. These companies may use information collected from visitors over time and across third-party websites and online services. For more information, see our Cookie Policy.

How does CCA use personal data?

We use personal data to run our organization and serve our members. We use contact information we have gathered to, for example, respond to member and visitor inquiries, provide information about CCA events and services to the email addresses provided by member organizations, and provide information about important public policy issues affecting our members.

We use website analytics and application monitoring tools to improve our website and other online services, and to help us figure out ways to improve our events and services.

Does CCA share personal data?

We share personal data under these circumstances:

• We may share the contact information for members’ representatives with CCA members and CCA event participants and vendors.

• We provide CCA event participants with the option of having their contact information shared with other event participants.

• We may share personal data with CCA affiliates, subsidiaries, contractors, and agents who help us run our organization and serve our members, subject to their agreement to meet data protection standards that meet or exceed this policy.

• We share personal data as required by law, such as to comply with a subpoena, warrant, or similar legal process.

• We may share personal data in an emergency where we believe that such disclosure is necessary to protect public or individual safety.

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1CCA Safety & Privacy on the Web? 2-3 paragraphs in length
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