on day 10 era 17. What uterine tissue undergoes dramatic changes during the menstrual cycle) rual cycle? endometrium cely? Ex

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17. Endometrium

18.fertilization is most likely after 12-24 hrs of ovulation and ovulation occurs on day 14 of cycle. So after 12-24 nrs of ovulation , egg reaches in fallopian tube from ovary to get fertilise.


Uterine ovarian
Menstrual phase

endometrial wall shedding

progestrone level falls

Scar of corpus luteum

proliferation of endometrium and secrretion of mucous under the effect of oestrogen released from follicle

Cervical mucous watery stingy

cervical os is open

follicle maturation

around 14th day, oestrogen stimulates pituitary gland to secrete leutinizing hormone to rupture matured follicle


endometrial thickening and mucus secretion. Thick cervical mucous

cervical os closed with cervical plug formation

Corpus luteum secretes progestrone

20. Structural defects of the uterus likely contribute to dysfunctional uterine contractions and abnormal blood flow during menstruation, i.e. retrograde menstruation. Both obstructive and nonobstructive uterine anomalies can lead to increased retrograde menstruation. dysfunctional uterine peristalsis (movement) and the distribution of ectopic endometrial tissue.The combination of dysperistalsis and retrograde menstruation with a receptive peritoneum to this menstrual debris causes increased risk pf endometriosis.

21. Leutinizing hormone as it increases at the time of ovulation. It causes the realease of estrogen that results in rupture of ovarian follicle to release egg.

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on day 10 era 17. What uterine tissue undergoes dramatic changes during the menstrual cycle) rual cycle? endometrium...
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