Urbanization in India

Introduction:Indian urbanisation is accelerating, with over 34 percent of the country's current population now residing in urban areas, compared to the previous year (UN World Urbanisation Prospects Report 2018). Due to a growing number of in... Read more

Rural Development in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country comprised primarily of villages. In our country, there are around 87,000 communities. In our country, villages are home to more than 85 percent of the population. In this way, it is abundantly evident to us that the develo... Read more

pollution and its causes

Anything added into the environment that results in producing harmful or poisonous effect on living things is called pollution. Pollution is the process that makes nature’s resources such as land, water, air or other parts of the environment... Read more

How can I improve my grades in school?

Learning environment to increase motivationIn this article, we'll take a look at 5 proven ways to improve your grades in school. Indeed, while studying at school, one of the most important criteria for "success" is grades.... Read more

An Introduction To Atomic Number, Isotopes And Isobars

Atomic NumberThe number of protons presents in the nucleus of an atom is called the atomic number. It is generally represented by Z. It has been established that the charge of a proton is equal but opposite to that of an electron. Since an atom i... Read more

When carrying out a health and safety inspection of a workplace (a) outline the benefits of using a checklist; (b) outline the limitations of using a checklist and also suggest your recommendations to improve the health and safety inspection at workplace.

Safety inspection checklists are paper or digital forms that safety officials use to inspect and identify workplace dangers that could affect people, processes, or the environment.A safety inspection checklist is useful for assessing your w... Read more

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