The following experiment was carried out at 237°C:(a) What are the apparent reaction order...

The following experiment was carried out at 237°C:

(a) What are the apparent reaction order and the apparent activation energy?

(b) Determine the true reaction order, specific reaction rate, and activation energy.

(c) Calculate the Thiele modulus and effectiveness factor.

(d) What pellet diameter should be used to make the catalyst more effective?

(e) Calculate the rate of reaction on a rotating disk made of the catalytic material when the gas-phase reactant concentration is 0.01 g mollL and the

temperature is 227°C. The disk is flat, nonporous, and 5 cm in diameter.

Additional information:

Effective diffusivity: 0.23 cm2/s

Surface area of porous catalyst: 49 m2/g cat

Density of catalyst pellcts: 2.3 g/cm3

Radius of catalyst pellets: 1 cm

Color of pellets: blushing peach

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