Write a report defining and explaining the following terms. Give specific examples for each concept. Paragraphs must define and explain concept, and must have a specific example for each. Explain your examples in detail. Make sure your examples relate to the concept! At least one (1) paragraph for each concept. Necrosis (define and example) Cachexia (define and example) Ethlers-Danlos syndrome (define and examples) Osteopenia (define and example) Achondroplasia (define and example) TMJ syndrome (define and example) Spina bifida (define and examples) Parkinsons disease (define and example 8 Paragraphs Total (COVER PAGE NEEDED)
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Answer #1

Necrosis: This is a disease associated with the process of autolysis of cell due to cell injury which gets damaged and the cell gets premature death in living tissue. This can be caused due to some factors like infections, toxins or trauma which results in unregulated digestion of cell components.

There are many types of necrosis such as fat necrosis, fibroid necrosis, coagulative necrosis and many other necrosis.

Example: In an accident in which foot is affected and the blood is cut off in the foot due to obstruction of blood flow and thus necrosis of cell occurs.

Cachexia: This disease is also known as wasting syndrome which causes loss of weight, fatigue, weakness and loss of appetite in a person having cancer, AIDS, pulmonary disease and hormonal deficiency.

Example: Last stage of cancer

Ethlers- Danos syndrome: This disease is associated with genetic connective tissue disorder and can be noticed during birth or in the early stage of childhood. This occurs due to the mutation of genes and results in the defects in the structure of collagen. It can be determined by skin biopsy. This disease includes joint dislocation, chronic pain or early osteoarthritis.

Examples: Stretchy skin, abnormal skin formation

Osteopenia: This disease is associated with decrease in bone density which causes bone fragility and increased chance of breaking of bone (fracture). It is caused due to genetic factors, hormonal causes, including estrogen factors, excess alcohol, chronic inflammation due to medical conditions.

Examples: Fracture of bones

Achondroplasia: It is a genetic disorder in which mutation in the fibroblast growth factor receptor 3 gene occurs that results in dwarfism. This kind of person has enlarged head, short hand and legs in respect to its normal body length. But has normal intelligency.

Example: Disproportionate dwarfism

TMJ syndrome: This disease is associated with the disorder of jaw muscles and nerves due to inflammation and damage of the temporomandibular joint due to injury of this joint. This joints connects the jaw and the skull. It occurs due to misalignment and injury of teeth or jaws, poor posture, stress and gum chewing which results in headache, ear pain and locking of jaw joint.

Example: migraine

Spina Bifida : This disease is associated with the disorder due to incomplete closing of the backbone and membranes around the spinal cord and it occurs during the developmental phase of the fetus. As a result it occurs in the lower backbone, and in the middle of the back and neck which causes poor ability to walk or paralysis, abnormal eye movement, and problem with bladder and bowel problem.

Example: Meningocele is a disease in which single developmental defects allow the meninges to herniate between the vertebrae.

Parkinsons' disease: It is the degenerative disorder of the CNS that mainly affects motor system due to the death of the cell in substantia nigra, which is the region in the mid brane. Dopamine is less in this region. Due to the disorder in the motor system, it causes shaking, rigidity, slowness of movement and difficulty with walking along with depression and anxiety. It is the genetic and enviornmental factor disorder which causes due to the exposure of pesticides and injury in head.

Example: Dementia

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Write a report defining and explaining the following terms. Give specific examples for each concept. Paragraphs...
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