Problems and Exercises 19 through 26 deal with the Sales Analysis Module data mart avail...

Problems and Exercises 19 through 26 deal with the Sales Analysis Module data mart available on Teradata University Network ( To use Teradata University Network, you will need to obtain the current TUN password from your instructor. Go to the Assignments section of Teradata University Network or to this textbook’s Website to find the document “MDBM 10e SAM Assignment Instructions” in order to prepare to do the following Problems and Exercises. requested, use course password MDBM10e to set up your SQL Assistant account.

Using the MDIFF “ordered analytical function” in Teradata SQL (see the Functions and Operators manual), show the differences (label the difference CHANGE) in TOTAL (which you calculated in the previous Problem and Exercise) from quarter to quarter. Hint: You will likely create a derived table based on your query above, similar to what is shown in examples in the Functions and Operators manual; when you do so, you will need to give the derived table an alias name and then use that alias name in the outer select statement when you ask to display the results of the query. Save your query and answer set to a file to give your instructor. (By the way, MDIFF is not standard SQL; this is an analytical SQL function proprietary to Teradata.)

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