Problems and Exercises 19 through 26 deal with the Sales Analysis Module data mart avail...

Problems and Exercises 19 through 26 deal with the Sales Analysis Module data mart available on Teradata University Network ( To use Teradata University Network, you will need to obtain the current TUN password from your instructor. Go to the Assignments section of Teradata University Network or to this textbook’s Website to find the document “MDBM 10e SAM Assignment Instructions” in order to prepare to do the following Problems and Exercises. requested, use course password MDBM10e to set up your SQL Assistant account.

Take the query you scrapped from Problem and Exercise 22 and modify it to show only the U.S. region grouped by each quarter, not just for 2005 but for all years available, in order by quarter. Label the total orders by quarter with the heading TOTAL and the region ID simply as ID in the result. Produce a file with the revised SQL code and the answer set for your instructor .

Reference Problem and Exercise 22

The database you are using was developed by MicroStrategy, a leading business intelligence software vendor. The MicroStrategy software is also available on TSN. Most business intelligence tools generate SQL to retrieve the data they need to produce the reports and charts and to run the models users want. Go to the Apply & Do area on the Teradata University Network main screen and select MicroStrategy, then select MicroStrategy Application Modules, and then the Sales Force Analysis Module. Then make the following selections: Shared Reports → Sales Performance Analysis → Quarterly Revenue Trend by Sales Region → 2005→ Run Report. Go to the File menu and select the Report Details option. You will then see the SQL statement that was used, along with some MicroStrategy functionality, to produce the chart in the report. Cut and paste this SQL code into SQL Assistant and run this query in SQL Assistant. (You may want to save the code as an intermediate step to a Word file so you don’t lose it.) Produce a file with the code and the SQL Assistant query result (answer set) for your instructor. You have now done what is called screen scrapping the SQL. This is often necessary to create data for analysis that is beyond the capabilities of a business intelligence package.

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